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faigle material PAS-60 GF20 AST

faigle material PAS-60 GF20 AST

faigle PAS-60 GF20 AST is a material based on polyamide 6. It is made with glass fibre reinforcement and is an excellent conductor of electrostatic electricity. It is mainly used when parts are exposed to high mechanical loads and there must be reliable long-term dissipation of electrostatic discharge. The material features a number of properties:

  • High rigidity and compressive strength  
  • Excellent dimensional stability  
  • Good damping characteristics 
  • Good surface quality
  • Long-term dissipation of electrostatic discharge
  • Good bonding with PAS-PU elastomers in 2-component injection moulding processes

Its high dimensional stability and rigidity make PAS-60 GF20 AST an excellent material for precision industrial components exposed to high dynamic loads. The additives contained in the material ensure constant long-term electrical conductivity. This distinguishes PAS-60 GF20 AST from the majority of other antistatic plastics which lose their conductivity over time. Despite this, the material has good damping properties compared to materials made with carbon fibre reinforcement only.

PAS-60 GF20 AST is easily processed in injection moulding machines and is an excellent material for 2-component rollers due to its good bonding with the TPU tire.

faigle also uses this material for hubs on 2-component rollers, belt deflection rollers and for roller inserts in intralogistics to prevent electrostatic discharge in conveying systems and to protect adjacent components.