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HL roller 1-component handrail roller with ball bearing

HL roller 1-component handrail roller with ball bearing

Manufacturing meth.

Injection moulding


PAS-80 mod.;PAS-L,PAS-PU H


Manufacturers of escalators and moving walkways worldwide

Component description, application environment, function:

The roller is used in escalators and moving walkways for guidance and support of the handrail. Loads which arise due to the pre-load of the handrail and due to its own intrinsic weight are absorbed by the rollers. The escalators and moving walkways are used all around the world under a wide range of very different climatic conditions.

Design, choice of material, manufacturing technique

One of the requirements placed on the product is to provide a long service life under a wide range of conditions. As a result, maintenance-free and low-noise grooved ball bearings are used. As the handrail can also rub over the roller under certain circumstances, abrasion-resistant thermoplastic materials like PAS-80 mod., PAS-L or PAS-PU H are used. The rollers are manufactured on fully-automated injection moulding plants. As the rollers are supplied fully pre-assembled, time outlay for first installation or replacement is reduced.

Special customer benefits:

  • Exceptionally quiet and smooth running due to the special ball bearings
  • Fully pre-assembled for ease of installation
  • Cost-effective design