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faigle materials - PAS-80X

faigle material - PAS-80X

PAS-80X is an excellent material from the faigle family of materials. It is always used when requirements call for wear resistance and good sliding properties under the toughest of conditions.

Freight wagon bogies are exposed to extremely tough operating conditions for sliding parts. The parts fitted are subjected to cold and wet conditions, brake dust, metal abrasion and extreme impact loads. For sliding parts which are highly stressed, decision-makers opt for solutions made of PAS-80X. The material has been successfully used for side bearers and brake linkage bushings for many years without any problems. Plastic bushes offer a number of key technical advantages over steel bushes, in addition to which they also offer considerable potential for cost savings. They have excellent dry-running properties and require no lubrication at all over their entire service life. As a result they are absolutely maintenance-free.

PAS-80X is extremely successful in many other complex gliding applications, such as bearing shells for fifth wheel couplings on heavy goods vehicles, highly stressed guide assemblies for telescopic booms or bearing-mounted rollers.

Excellent properties

PAS-80X features a large number of excellent application properties:

  • low friction coefficient
  • low wear
  • high impact strength
  • high pressure resistance
  • excellent running characteristics under deficient lubrication conditions

PAS-80X is a semi-finished product which is available in several different sizes in sheet, rod and tubular formats. faigle also processes PAS-80X into injection-moulded finished or extruded profiles.



Company Fact Box

The faigle Group has over 387 employees and achieves an annual turnover of 69,80 million euros. faigle stands for innovative solutions in technical thermoplastics and successfully combines the values of a traditional family-owned company with the innovative and expansion drive of a market leader for sophisticated solutions in plant and mechanical engineering, in particular in the sectors of escalators, conveying systems and railways.

The faigle Group has its headquarters in Hard in Vorarlberg, Austria. In addition to two companies on the domestic market, faigle has locations in China and Switzerland. The company exports 70 percent of its products which are sold on its main markets in Europe, Asia and the United States.