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Sliding guides and profiles

Sliding guides and profiles

Sliding guides and profiles made of
PAS materials

faigle produces sliding bars and sliding guides made of high-quality PAS materials for many practical applications.

Sliding guides, sliding bars and other components exposed to friction require materials which have both good sliding and low-abrasion properties.

Sliding without lubrication is made simple by using plastic solutions for sliding applications, such as roller chain guide profiles.

faigle sliding materials offer the ideal material properties and the best conditions for smooth, low-noise running.

Our planing and moulding machine is capable of producing large batches of complex profiles at low cost. Customised profiles can be manufactured by combining a large number of tools.

Profiles can be manufactured in a single work step due to new spindles which are electronically driven and controlled and a CNC program management system. Using conventional processes, this would require up to ten work steps on two machines.

Your benefits at a glance

Resistant to wear, self-lubricated, resistant to chemicals, resilient, non-breakable, corrosion-resistant, reduces chain wear


High resistance to friction and wear, low coefficient of sliding friction, high impact strength, low moisture absorption