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ÖKOPROFIT company certification 2020

ÖKOPROFIT company certification 2020

faigle has been awarded the ÖKOPROFIT environmental management certificate for many years in succession. But at faigle, the ÖKOPROFIT environmental management system is about more than just retaining our certification status. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the ÖKOPROFIT programme comprises exceptionally ambitious and innovative environmental measures relating to different annual focus areas. faigle’s enlarged and highly committed environmental management team set itself a challenging goal for 2020: setting up an energy cockpit. Their plans also include audits with external experts to evaluate further potential savings and implement them as effectively as possible. The team is keen to emphasise that faigle wants to make the right impact in the long term. We asked Irene Zemanek why implementing the ÖKOPROFIT programme, in addition to ISO 14001, is so important. And her answer was somewhat surprising: “Year on year improvements in these areas thanks to creative solutions have had a hugely positive effect on the actions of our colleagues across the faigle Group in terms of environmental protection. It is great to be asked about these topics when I am talking to people and sometimes pick up new tips and ideas. The ÖKOPROFIT programme also offers us fantastic networking opportunities with other participating companies in Vorarlberg, which all benefit from sharing notes on innovative practices. Finding something new that will help us to improve, after being involved for so many years, is also a real incentive for us!”,says von faigle Irene Zemanek from faigle environmental management team. 


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