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faigle rollers - tailored to the needs of conveying systems

faigle rollers - tailored to the needs of conveying systems

A world of escalators without faigle rollers has been inconceivable for several decades. At the same time, faigle is increasingly setting a new standard in intralogistics for rollers and guide rollers in sorter and warehouse logistic systems.

The design of sorter systems for packets and baggage is usually based on the same principle. The systems consist of handling devices for conveyed goods, such as cross belts, tilt trays etc., and a chassis mostly comprising 2 rollers and 2 lateral guide rollers. Rollers fitted in these systems must meet very high requirements.

faigle has developed special rollers for sorter systems and their design is optimised to this application. Rollers are available in a variety of sizes, hardnesses and designs. A successful example of this is the 2-component roller measuring 90 x 22 mm. Leading manufacturers use them as rollers or lateral guide rollers in sorter systems.

The new standard in intralogistics

The 90 x 22 mm roller sets standards in the world of intralogistics. It has a proven track record in millions of sorter systems installed all over the world and in all climatic conditions. They achieve the best results when it comes to smooth running, sound dampening and abrasion resistance, and are extremely cost-efficient. faigle can draw on a large pool of test results for these rollers and has received numerous approvals from renowned sorter system manufacturers.

Many years of experience and specialist know-how in intralogistics form the basis for this leading position achieved by faigle experts.

faigle places high demands on the standard

faigle also sets standards for the industry in terms of product quality. For example, faigle rollers achieve performances of over 65,000 kilometres in continuous operation over periods lasting 15 to 20 years, very often in continuous duty.

The tires on faigle sorter rollers are made of the material PAS-PU 95A-H. This thermoplastic polyurethane has excellent properties for industrial applications. It is extremely abrasion resistant, has excellent damping properties and high tear propagation resistance. It is also resistant to grease, corrosion inhibitors and weathering effects and is also totally immune to hydrolysis, which is the feared decomposition of polyurethane materials by the adsorption of water molecules.

Development continues

faigle does not rest on its laurels when it comes to the success of its sorter rollers. New challenges need new solutions, such as the use of induction drives with low starting torques. Energy efficiency and sound dampening are only two of the current fields of development on which faigle is working intensively.

Company Fact Box

The faigle Group has over 387 employees and achieves an annual turnover of 69,80 million euros. faigle stands for innovative solutions in technical thermoplastics and successfully combines the values of a traditional family-owned company with the innovative and expansion drive of a market leader for sophisticated solutions in plant and mechanical engineering, in particular in the sectors of escalators, conveying systems and railways.

The faigle Group has its headquarters in Hard in Vorarlberg, Austria. In addition to two companies on the domestic market, faigle has locations in China and Switzerland. The company exports 70 percent of its products which are sold on its main markets in Europe, Asia and the United States.