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PAS-PC clear sheets

PAS-PC clear sheets - now in thickness of 20 mm

PAS-PC clear sheets have extremely high transparency and surface quality and are often used as glass substitute.

Due to its constant high quality level, it can be optimised by further processing, screen printing or thermoforming.

PAS-PC klar has ten times more impact strength than PMMA. It can also be cold or hot formed.


  • Machine guards
  • Safety glazing (e.g. ice skating rinks)
  • Signs
  • Displays


  • good optical quality
  • half the weight of glass
  • more than ten times more impact strength than PMMA
  • can be easily hot formed or processed
  • good fire protection classification

Product range

Standard size 2050 x 3050 mm

Thickness range: 0.75 - 20 mm

Colour: transparent

Special sizes and thicknesses on request.