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faigle materials for fire protection applications

faigle materials for fire protection applications

When the application calls for high fire behaviour profile – for example in the transport sector and in the electrical industry – only a limited selection of materials is often available to meet specific fire protection requirements. This often means that the vital application-related properties of some plastics must be dispensed with.

Overview of the main fire protection standards:

UL94           Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and

EN 45545    Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles for EU
                 (supersedes the others)  

DIN 5510    Preventive fire protection in railway vehicles for Germany  

95/28/EC    European Directive on the burning behaviour used in the interior

                  construction of certain categories of motor vehicle  

GB 8626      Fire Test to Railway Components - British Standard  

NF F 16-101 Rolling stock – Fire behaviour – Material selection for France  

NFPA           Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems for
                  the USA  

faigle has a wide selection of materials to meet a large number of different fire protection requirements:

  • Polyamide PA6, PA6.6
  • Semi-aromatic polyamides PPA, PA66-I
  • Polycarbonates and blends
  • Polypropylene
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • and many more

Most of these materials are available either in non-reinforced or reinforced designs or highly filled with glass and/or mineral fibre.

This large selection covers almost all application requirements, such as tribological, optical or electrical properties, applicability at very low or very high temperatures, or certain mechanical properties.

Besides the selection of suitable material, construction measures are also needed in many cases to meet certain fire protection requirements. For example, the total weight of a component can be reduced to such an extent that the fire load in the application remains within the permitted range. Combination with metallic or textile materials can also help achieve the goal.

At our Development and Technical Centre, we look forward to developing solutions for your fire protection application, either by producing small milled batches from semifinished products, or cast parts in large batches, or extruded profiles. Here you benefit from our enormous pool of experience in plastics processing, our knowledge of many fire protection standards and our application expertise in many branches of industry.