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An innovative idea with impressive advantages

Ensuring that passengers can stand up in safety is the highest priority for public transport vehicles. For faigle the challenge was to come up with a solution that not only delivers the required safety, but one which brings in added value as well. The idea was to combine a sturdy and safe hanging strap with an attractive advertising space in the form of the 'topAdstrap', a first-class advertising vehicle. Local public transport operators, passengers and advertisers will all benefit as a result. 

Guaranteed to attract attention

Advertising on public transport has been proven to be a success. 'topAdstrap', the latest development from faigle, offers not only comfort and safety, but is also a first-class advertising medium for the interiors of passenger compartments. The advertising message is positioned above the attachment point of the hanging strap and stands out at the sides, and any passenger looking for a safe place to hold on cannot fail to see the advertising message.

Safety which soon pays for itself with advertising revenue

By renting out the topAdstrap advertising spaces for advertising campaigns, operators of underground railways, trams, city buses, local trains, mountain railways, cable cars and ski lift gondolas have the opportunity to generate additional income quickly and easily. Investments in this new form of safety straps will pay for itself in a surprisingly short space of time. Have a look at our example calculations - we are confident you will be impressed.

Tried and tested for many years

Hanging straps made of the special polyurethane material developed by faigle have already been in use for more than 20 years at Wiener Linien, one of the largest tram operators in Europe. Thousands more hanging straps have proved their worth in underground railways, trams, city and airport buses, local trains and mountain railways all around the world.

Antimicrobial material

Information about our antimicrobial possibilities is available on request. Further information may be obtained from our customer service.

Standard colours and variants

The straps are available in five standard colours. Special colours and CI-compliant solutions are also possible.

Standard versions Strap material:

RAL 7001 silver grey, RAL 1018 zinc yellow,
RAL 2004 pure orange, RAL 3002 brink red,
RAL 5023 distant blue

For dedicated advertising campaigns or in combination with outside advertising

This concept opens up new horizons for advertisers. Coordinated advertising campaign messages can be conveyed effectively and fast - Image on the outside, campaign on the inside - or vice versa. The optimised size of the advertising window in the top of the Adstrap strap measuring 8 x 9 cm (equivalent to size DIN A6) offers generous design options for all types of advertising message. The building block nature of the system means that advertising spaces can be retrofitted in different formats. 3D displays are also possible. The advertising panel can be rotated through 45° or 90° so that it is visible to as many passengers as possible.

Safety standards

All system components are flame-resistant and comply with the US standard NFPA 130 and the German fire safety standard E DIN 5510-2. In addition, the topAdstrap hanging straps are also tested according to the new European standard CEN/TS 45545.

Easy to handle

The advertising messages are simply inserted into the two highly transparent viewing windows (no need for tools), where they are durably protected against dirt and vandalism. Changing adverts is quick and easy - allowing both shorter advertising campaigns and faster changeover intervals.

The topAdstrap hanging strap system - quick and easy to install

Similarly to the widely used IGOSTRAP® and gripAd® hanging strap systems from faigle, the new 'topAdstrap' system is supplied as a complete kit which is ready for assembly. The strap material comes ready cut to the required length and has pre-punched holes for the clamping screws. The clamping closure which ensures that the hanging strap does not move once it has been installed on a grab bar and the advertising medium with highly transparent viewing windows on both sides are also included in the kit. The 'topAdstrap' is really quick and easy to install, and adverts can be swapped without tools at any time.

faigle hanging strap systems combine functionality with an attractive design

With the IGOSTRAP®, gripAd® and topAdstrap ranges of hanging straps, faigle has introduced a new design vocabulary. For the first time, hanging straps have now become an active design element in the vehicle interior. Regardless of whether the aim is to increase safety by drawing attention to the hanging straps with their striking colours, offer designers new freedom of design or deliver first-class advertising placement in the interior of public transport vehicles, faigle hanging strap systems offer safety combined with virtually unlimited colour options.

topAdstrap is ideal for many different applications.

  • Subway trains
  • Trams
  • City buses
  • Airport buses
  • Local trains
  • Mountain railways
  • Cable cars and ski-lift gondolas