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Tribology expertise

Tribology expertise


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The term tribology refers to the frictional processes at work between interacting surfaces in relative motion. And friction is often the key to success for our customers: we can tell them in advance which material will best fulfil their particular requirements. A wide range of measuring procedures and years of know-how gained from the results of long-term testing mean our experts can not only confidently select suitable materials, they can also determine the perfect dimensions for the components and the ideal frictional "partner" to ensure trouble-free operation.

In a nutshell: if it involves friction, we are your experts.

Tribology expertise

Tribology expertise

Tribological test benchs

Tribology expertise - Tribo test bench RHM-84

Tribo test bench RHM-84

Tribology expertise - Tribo test bench LTPS-011

Tribo test bench LTPS-011

Tribology expertise - Tribo test bench OSZ-010

Tribo test bench OSZ-010