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MFI measurement

Material quality - MFI measurement

Testing processes

Melt index (MVR/MFR)

test device

Göttfert MPS-D

Determination of melt mass-flow rate and melt volume-flow rate

With the help of MFI measurements (MFI = Melt Flow Index, i.e. flow behaviour index), we are able to analyse the plastic raw material to see whether it has the specified flow characteristics of the plastic in the melted state.

A simple method of calculating an index of flow behaviour of thermoplastics is the measurement of the melt index in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1133. With our special melt index testing device, the extruded quantities are determined in [g] MFR (mass-flow rate) or in [cm³] MVR (volume-flow rate) per [10 min] in standardised conditions.