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Tools and implementation

tools and implementation

You can take it for granted that faigle Engineering always works with the latest and most efficient tools. So that we remain able to make early evaluations of developments of desirable material characteristics and processes and adapt or improve them, we use state-of-the-art technologies such as FEM and mould-flow analysis. Employed with vision and experience, these tools support our engineers precisely where necessary: in the professional implementation of their smart ideas and solutions. Even though we use these versatile tools, the main responsibility remains with our engineers: the optimum solution comes out of the heads of our staff. We ensure that these solutions are also economically viable and cost-effective in practice by performing realistic economic assessments based on our years of experience. Here as well, we can provide you with everything from analysis and design to toolmaking and trials. And importantly for you, the solution is available as quickly as possible and optimised for weight and cost: all qualities faigle customers know to expect.