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The best way to view faigle Engineering is as an in-house engineering consultancy, where knowledge and experience are concentrated and made readily available for every project and for every task in the broad field of application of thermoplastic plastics. If the project involves developments in this area then we are in our element.


Our currently 16-strong engineering team can draw on an immense shared pool of professional experience extending to more than 100 years of development expertise. Thanks to our Basic Development Department, we never miss out on a trend or new technology. Just the opposite: in our factories, we are always working on innovative solutions that best suit your particular task. And it does not matter what sort of project you are planning: our experienced engineers will always offer you personalised expert consultations and advice for your individual project. And by working cost-effectively, we can come up with a solution for you as quickly as possible. So you can profit from it earlier.

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