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Our philosophy - trust, partnership and shared goals

Our principles

To conduct thorough research into backgrounds. To constantly challenging our solutions - even the most successful ones. To identify opportunities. To take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. To work together to jointly shape the future.

The future of plastics

The development potential for technical plastics is huge. Barely anyone would have expected highly advanced plastics to break into the domains of other materials quite as successfully. New plastics with previously unknown qualities open up new and additional opportunities. On the other hand, our materials face ever tougher requirements. To stay on the ball, keep thinking ahead and constantly come up with new, innovative solutions - this is only possible with a strong team characterised by a high level of competence and many years of experience.

Communication is the key to success

This is why faigle has always placed great importance on an intensive dialogue and close cooperation with customers and partners. Identifying what it is that the markets need is the specific task of our sales segments components, escalators and railroads.

Initiating changes - gaining recognition through a holistic approach

Expertise, competence, plastic experience and highly motivated employees - these are al factors which are an absolutely vital ingredient in the success of a company. However, we also offer additional qualities in order to set ourselves apart. Intensive and competent consultation and advice. Individual solutions that are cost-efficient and systematically implemented. Everything from perfect logistics to "just in time" deliveries. faigle employees bring a total commitment to quality in all areas of service and production.