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Our history

Our history - of pioneers, trendsetters and visionaries

Our goals

To see the impossible as a challenge. To research the unknown. To develop innovative and new products. And to achieve a high level of joint success with our partners.

A tradition of innovation

When company founder Heinz Faigle discovered a new material in the form of thermoplastics, plastic technology was still in its infancy. With his search for innovations in the field of technical plastics, he laid the foundations for the company's success. Since then, faigle has made a major contribution to the development of plastics and plastic technology.

The challenges of the future

Development and innovation still play a hugely important role at faigle. We are constantly trying out new materials, investigating specific properties in our application research, as well as improving and optimising existing materials.

Technology as the key to success

We see the success of our company in our overall competence. We are totally focussed on the solution: from research and development, through efficient processes and manufacturing techniques to products and application technologies.