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PAS® and IGOPAS® materials

faigle PAS® and IGOPAS® materials

are top-quality products made of thermoplastic polymers. They are used particularly in the construction of machinery, plants and instruments. faigle semi-finished products made of PAS® and IGOPAS® polymers are well-known for their exceptional quality.

PAS-LXY - a multitalent in blue

Are you looking for the right plastic for new machine elements which will need to withstand the toughest loads in terms of tribology? Extremely wear-resistant? And with a minimal coefficient of friction?

Then you have come to exactly the right place!

The sliding and friction behaviour of polymers has been a specialism of faigle for many years. The blue PAS-LXY plastics once again represent the latest in technology: ideal in terms of resistance to wear, and well known for their low coefficient of friction and iconic blue colour.

Our application engineers will be happy to advise you whether or not faigle PAS-LXY is the right plastic for your finished parts. Simply give us a call: +43/5574/6811-0

faigle PAS-LXY - created for extreme sliding applications.