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Quality & Service

More than 100 different materials always in stock

Anybody who processes semi-finished products needs fast and reliable suppliers. At faigle, we always keep in stock a range of semi-finished products made from more than 100 different materials - in the form of plates/panels, hollow/flat/round rods and more than 1,000 different sizes. We have more than 300 tons of semi-finished products ready for you at our different warehouse sites.


For companies who process semi-finished products, it is important to have access to a comprehensive range of in-stock products which covers a full selection of different materials and sizes. However, most of our competitors can only offer their own stocks or those of their partner(s).

As well as offering access to in-house production, we also stand out by offering availability of all of the materials of the major manufacturers of plastic semi-finished products and their specialist products. Our own production also meets specialist requirements in terms of material, colour, size and cross-section. We are driven by your requirements, and our aim is to ensure that all of our customers' preferences are satisfied.


Cost issues usually prevent our customers from keeping a full selection in stock, and in some cases from keeping any stocks at all. We control warehouse stocks according to our customers' requirements and ensure that minimum levels are kept in stock if a particular semi-finished product is not a standard stock item. Our logistics team will deliver stock articles within a 24h turnaround time.

Product expertise

We understand our business. As one of the original plastics manufacturers (specialising in the production of thermoplastics since 1946) we have vast experience and can offer our customers wide-ranging expertise. This is one of the main reasons why all of the best-known manufacturers of semi-finished products work together with us.


faigle is a ISO 9001 certified company. We only work with producers who also employ comparable quality standards. We are happy to provide our customers with the corresponding test certificates for our products.

If, however, there is ever a problem despite our best efforts, we hope to be able to demonstrate what we mean by goodwill and cooperation.

Contact persons

Highly trained employees will support you with your projects and offer help with enquiries and orders. It goes without saying that we will offer fast and competent advice and total reliability when it comes to implementing your requirements.

Sliding guides and profiles

Our PAS® materials are based on many years of experience in the machine construction sector. Materials which are both low-friction and low-wear are required where sliding guides, sliding bars and other parts are subject to friction loads. The materials from faigle satisfy every aspect of these requirements.