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faigle shipping warehouse and collection depot in Hard and Au/SG

The faigle shipping warehouse and collection depot in Hard und Au/SG takes care of the handling of faigle plastic semi-finished products. You can either collect faigle semi-finished products yourself or have them delivered via the fastest available shipping route.

At faigle, we have plenty of experts on hand to help with all your questions relating to application technology. If you have specific requirements relating to the materials, why not come straight to the specialists?

faigle semi-finished products - fast availability for every application

'Unpack & go' - at faigle, we aim to set new standards in high-speed deliveries for your day-to-day work. This is why faigle offers semi-finished products made of a range of plastics, on request also made of special, high-performance plastics. All prepared professionally and in accordance with the customer's specific requirements - and ready to use straight away.

State-of-the-art technology and many years of experience and expertise have helped faigle establish itself as a highly valued and recognised partner. Customers appreciate the impressive scale on which the company thinks and acts. More than 300 tons of very different semi-finished products are always in stock. This helps us to ensure that we can meet virtually any demand at very short notice. Orders placed before 12.00 will generally be dispatched from the warehouse the same day.

Our aim is to meet every customer requirement immediately. This flexibility is expressed in the diversity and range of more than 1000 available semi-finished product sizes. A wide selection of diameters and plate thicknesses of thermoplastic semi-finished products is available in over 100 different material qualities for a very varied and diverse range of potential applications. You define the requirements, and we offer our advice on the correct choice of plastic.

  • More than 300 tons of very different semi-finished products always in stock
  • Orders placed before 12.00 generally dispatched from the warehouse the same day
  • More than 1000 different sizes of semi-finished products
  • More than 100 different materials