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Composite fibre profiles

Unidirectional, continuous-fibre-reinforced profiles in a wide range of geometries and cross-sections can be manufactured thanks to the innovative technique of thermoplastic pultrusion. These profiles can be supplied raw or sheathed with polypropylene or an elastomer.

Raw IGOREX®-PP profiles:

These have continuous fibre reinforcement across the entire cross-section. As a result, they offer optimum strength and rigidity for a particular cross-section. They are highly cost-effective. This type of profile can be used e.g. as pushed-in or screwed-on reinforcements in components and in any application which does not have special requirements in terms of the surface quality of the material.

Sheathed IGOREX®-PP profiles:

These have a thin outer skin of pure polypropylene. The continuous-fibre-reinforced core gives the profile rigidity and strength. The outer skin, which is permanently bonded to the core, provides a finished surface which is visually clean and pleasant to the touch. The outer skin can be freely designed in terms of colour, and a range of different surface structures can also be produced.