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Injection moulding

Injection moulding as a way of forming plastics into the required shape - this is a never-ending story. One in which faigle offers uniquely extensive expertise and experience. Established technologies are being continuously refined, and new ones are being constantly added. As a result, faigle is constantly able to unlock new potential applications, both for small-scale production and high-volume series production.

Injection moulding is faigle's biggest field of work. Processing options are steadily optimised through our own in-house developments. With our own department for building moulds for injection moulding, we are able to respond very quickly to requests from our customers. The assembly department at faigle helps our customers to assemble components from injection-moulded parts through a combination of snap-fitting, welding and screwing. One of the new technologies which has been developed at faigle is the multi-component process.