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Hinge profile

Manufacturing meth.



PAS-PU 85A TC black


Various manufacturers of guideway protection systems

Component description, application environment, function

The coolant-resistant hinge profile made of PAS-PU provides a positive-fit connection between the individual elements of the covering system, which are made of anodised aluminium. The cover protects the delicate guideways of machine tools against wear and damage, and in the process prevents the ingress of fluids, swarf and dust. The profile is faced with the challenge of coolant, oil, sharp metal swarf and dust. Accordingly, the profiles have to maintain their flexibility and perform their intended function reliably and durably both under the harshest continuous operating conditions as well as after an extended period of standstill.

Design, choice of material, manufacturing technique

Requirements placed on this component included: ease of installation and ease of replacement good elastic memory of the material extremely high resistance to wear high resistance to oil and chemicals high resistance to tearing faigle opted for the material PAS-PU 85A TC, which perfectly matches this requirements profile. The profile is manufactured in the extruder and then calibrated to the exact cross-section with the aid of a profile calender. The profile is supplied wound onto special coils, which ensure safe transportation and storage and make the profile easy to handle.

Special customer benefits

  • Vibration and noise damping
  • Functional reliability
  • Long service life
  • Highly leak-tight