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Covering tape with anti-stretching protection

Covering tape with anti-stretching protection

Manufacturing meth.



PAS-PU 92A H black/blue


Manufacturers of mechanical and pneumatic linear drives

Component description, application environment, function

Various drive systems are used in linear drives, and they need to be protected against the ingress of dirt from the outside. A dust-proof seal for the open edge of the mounting profile in which the slide moves is provided with the covering profile. During the movement, the covering strip profile is drawn out of the frame profile in the leading area of the slide, and at the same time it is pulled back into the profile at the tail end of the slide. The mechanical inner workings of the linear drive are thus protected against contamination and ingress of dirt from the outside.

Design, choice of material, manufacturing technique

The covering strip must satisfy the following requirements: high level of leak-tightness when clipped in place high restoring force low frictional resistance and low wear no elongation in longitudinal direction, which is achieved thanks to the anti-stretching protection (steep rope or aramide rope inserts). High flexibility and returning force High resistance to hydrolysis. The material PAS-PU 92A H was chosen for the sealing strip in order to meet the high demands in terms of resistance to hydrolysis, resistance to wear, elasticity and resistance to lubricants, coolants and cleaning agents. The integrated anti-stretching protection also provides very good dimensional stability in the longitudinal direction of the profile. The sealing strip is extruded together with the rope inserts and accurately calibrated to the required cross-sectional form in a specially developed calendering process.

Special customer benefits 

  • High-precision profile thanks to the special manufacturing method
  • Meets the highest optical requirements
  • Tried and tested sealing system
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • High wear resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Suitable for any length (manufactured in a continuous strip)
  • Easy to cut to the required length