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Trust the original

Trust the original

Escalator components from faigle comply with all main OEM specifications

Half the escalators in the world run on faigle rollers. The specialist for engineering plastics produces OE components for all major brands of escalators. All components are made of first-class raw materials and the ball bearings are manufactured to strict specifications. faigle sets the standards when it comes to quality, reliability and safety with rollers and other plastic parts for escalators.

An escalator normally has a service life of 70,000 hours, often run round the clock, and travel a linear distance of up to 126,000 kilometres. All components are exposed to enormous challenges, such as continuous duty, high loads and climatic influences. A key safety factor is that operation must run trouble-free, especially in the public sector, such as at metro stations and railway stations.  

The key requirement for an escalator and its components is therefore to ensure reliable operation at all times. Components from faigle meet these high demands and no compromise is made when it comes to safety, despite intensive competition in the industry. Each component is produced at our own plants and is made only of first-class raw materials.

Escalator components: rollers, step bushings and sliding pads

Rollers perform the main task in an escalator. They convey loads, guide other components and also reduce friction within the system. Step rollers are mounted on the front edge of escalator steps. They bear the main part of the weight of the steps and passengers. Chain rollers are mounted in or on the step chains. Various rollers are used to guide, drive and tension the handrail. What is termed handrail rollers are mostly much wider than chain or step rollers. Depending on the application, they are made of rigid polyamide or soft polyurethane.

faigle produces rollers for more than half the escalators operated throughout the world. All leading brand manufacturers rely on know-how, experience and quality from Austria. All OE components are available for several years. This also applies to other escalator components which the specialist for engineering plastics includes in its portfolio, such as sliding pads to guide step edges or bushes to connect the step to the step pin.

Protection against humidity: hydrolysis resistant polyurethane

Escalators all over the world are in operation in a wide variety of climatic conditions. High air humidity or a location fully exposed to the elements are major challengers for rollers. In both cases, there is a risk that the polyurethane tire is damaged by air humidity or rainwater. The material becomes brittle and cracks develop. On the other hand, ball bearings and other roller components are exposed to corrosion.

faigle solved the problem of hydrolysis, which is the decomposition of polymer material by water molecules, by developing a hydrolysis resistant type of polyurethane. This material has been used as standard for many years on all rollers which faigle supplies for use in escalators and conveying systems.

Test stands: trust is good, control is better

Besides the material, a key quality feature of escalator rollers is the accurate size of each roller. Any deviation in diameter could lead to uneven load distribution on the rollers and to vibrations, noise and excessive loads on the ball bearing. For several decades, faigle has been instrumental in co-developing test technologies and specifications for escalator rollers to ensure constant high quality. faigle has launched many developments which are state of the art in the industry. Today, the company has the most extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment on its roller test stands for escalator rollers.