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Safety always ready to hand

The portfolio of faigle hanging straps ranges from the basic variant of hanging straps with or without advertising space through to the designer model in stirrup shape.

The faigle portfolio for plastic hanging straps is well-known for its wide diversity and large choice of shapes and colours. They offer public transport operators constant high quality and a variety of design options in bus and rail vehicle interiors.

Safe hold at each stop

IGOSTRAP - Due to its ergonomic shape, the basic model offers a safe hold in the standing areas of buses and rail cars. Even after several years in use, the plastic straps still provide an open loop which is ready to be grabbed and does not constrict the hand even under load. IGOSTRAP is supplied as a complete kit. The smooth plastic strap can be cut to the required length and the holes for the screws are punched out. The kit includes a specially developed quick-action fastener made of reinforced polyamide screws. If requested, a positioning clip is available to fix the hanging strap in position on the grab bar.

A tight hold on advertising

gripAd - The clamp fastening on this model is designed as an advertising area. Not only do the hanging straps fit perfectly in the hand, they are frequently an eye-catcher in buses and rail vehicles. An advertising message is insertable in an integrated transparent viewing window. This requires no tools or additional effort. Commercials rapidly amortise the investment of the gripAd. The gripAd which comes in five different colours. In this way, hanging straps from faigle are gradually becoming an active design element in the interior design of buses and rail vehicles.

Eye-catching hanging strap

topAdstrap - The hanging strap is a sophisticated design element in the interiors of buses and rail vehicles. At the same time, its functionality is totally convincing since it is fixed to the grab bar. This means it cannot slide or twist and offers a safe hold at all times. The topAdstrap can be supplied with or without advertising window and, if required, can also be retrofitted with the advertising space. The advertising message can be fitted above the grab bar either longitudinally, transversely or at an angle. This places the message above the heads of standing passengers so that looking for safe standing room ensures visual contact with the advertising message. The straps are available in five standard colours, while special colours are available on request.

In a design class of its own

varioSTRAP - The modern stirrup shape from faigle is a modern alternative to the loop. It offers public transport operators an exclusive appearance and design, while fulfilling high quality and safety requirements. The solid handle provides a safe hold in emergency situations and offers a very comfortable and ergonomic grip. The material mix is special: the strap consists of a textile fabric and is provided with a special surface texture. In future, other strap materials will be available, such as leather, for example. The handle made of technical plastic offers a wide range of options when it comes to shape, colour and design. Besides the standard colours, we offer special colours to fit the customer's corporate design.

Specialist for technical plastics

The faigle Group has its headquarters in Vorarlberg and specialises in technical solutions for the plastics sector. The company has manufactured hanging straps for large public transport operators and manufacturers all over the world for over 30 years, for example for trams, underground railways, city and airport buses and mountain railways.

Company fact box

The faigle Group has over 390 employees and achieves an annual turnover of 67 million euros. faigle stands for innovative solutions in technical thermoplastics and successfully combines the values of a traditional family-owned company with the innovative and expansion drive of a market leader for sophisticated solutions in plant and mechanical engineering, in particular in the sectors of escalators, conveying systems and railways.

The faigle Group has its headquarters in Hard in Vorarlberg, Austria. In addition to two companies on the domestic market, faigle has locations in China and Switzerland. The company exports 70 percent of its products which are sold on its main markets in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Hanging straps from faigle for buses and rail vehicles

Hanging straps from faigle for buses and rail vehicles

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