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faigle Exhibits Advanced Intralogistics Rollers at CeMAT Asia

faigle Engineering Plastics will be attending CeMAT Asia this year held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong from the 27th to the 30th October. CeMAT Asia has become the largest intralogistics fair in Asia and is an appropriate forum for faigle to demonstrate its market leading high performance technical plastic rollers and other intralogistics components. faigle China has manufactured rollers in Suzhou, near Shanghai since 2003. It supplies all of the major international escalator companies and the majority of the intralogistics manufacturers. faigle in Europe manufactures technical plastic parts for a wide range of sectors including the food, pharmaceutical, textile, manufacturing and engineering industries.

 faigle's heritage in plastic rollers goes back to the end of the 1960's when it invented the first all-plastic tire roller for Schindler escalators in Switzerland. Over 20 million rollers a year are now produced at the faigle Suzhou plant, a testament to the dominance faigle has exerted through innovation, quality manufacturing and meeting the exacting needs of its customers. faigle's offers a range of high performance plastics for the manufacture of rollers depending upon the specific needs of the customer. Of particular note are electrically conductive plastics rollers (anti-static) and hydrolysis resistant polyurethane (PU-H) rollers.

Conductive (anti-static) plastic rollers provide a mechanism to eliminate static charge build up by earthing static directly through the running system. This is of high importance in the fast moving systems of the electronics industry where electro-static discharge (ESD) is a constant threat to the electronic products on the conveyor or pallet. Conductive rollers are also used in situations where static discharge can present an ignition safety risk for example in flour mills, paint shops or other environments with explosive atmospheres. A constant focus on application specific technologies is one of the reasons the Company has come to dominate the plastic roller market.

Hydrolysis resistant PU offers distinct advantages to end-users particularly in Areas with temperatures above 40 degree and high humidity, for example in Asia. Hydrolysis resistant plastic removes the long-term damaging effects of high humidity on polyurethane, a common occurrence in tropical and semi-tropical regions. This increases roller reliability and substantially extends their lifetime in use. faigle's hydrolysis resistant polyurethane is widely used in the escalator industry because it increases safety, but it is the longevity benefits that are most attractive to warehouse system users, eliminating much of the maintenance costs associated with rollers.

Chinese commercial warehousing is currently undergoing a substantial transformation. The explosive growth of the e-marketplace (Taobao, JD.com and others) has created a large and growing need for modern, automated warehousing. This in turn has created the need for the companies that serve this market to focus on China and indeed many of the world's leading warehouse automation companies have opened, or are in the process of opening, new facilities on the Chinese mainland. Ensuring that these and other companies have access to the best rollers for the application is faigle's goal. This helps to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of the business sector these companies operate in.

faigle has supported most of the European and American manufacturers for many years, be it parcel sorting, baggage handling, picking or shuttle systems. Companies like Beumer, Siemens, Dematic, Vanderlande and other market leaders have relied on faigle to provide the precision and technical excellence in rollers and other plastic parts that their own products need.

Assisting companies like these to take advantage of the opportunity China offers is a key part of the faigle China strategy. By building on the existing intralogistics experience of faigle Europe combined with the mass production capabilities and cost advantages of an established roller facility in China, the company offers the rare combination of European technical expertise combined with Chinese mass production scale and efficiency.

faigle wishes all exhibitors a successful China CeMAT and we look forward to meeting you at the event. If you have any questions about intralogistics products, hydrolysis resistant or conductive plastics or if you are interested in receiving product information, please get in touch.


faigle rollers include:

For example

  • High speed / high temp (up to 15,000rpm) / 100oC

  • Integrated air-cooling designs

  • Electrically conductive

  • High load

  • Hydrolysis resistant


We are sure will meet your technical requirements.


faigle serves customers in the following sectors:

  • Producers of parcel sorting systems and baggage handling systems such as:

    Beumer, Siemens, Dematic, Fives, Vanderlande, Van Riet, Optimus, Motion06, Klatt.

  • Producers of intralogistics systems such as:

    TGW, Knapp, FAS Witron, Motion06, Denipro.

  • Producers of mail sorting systems such as:


  • Producers of components such as:

    Interroll, Kraus.

  • End customers/traders/repairers in spare parts business such as:

    Fraport, DPD, TNT, Tech Conveyor