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faigle material PAS-PK12

faigle material PAS-PK12

PAS-PK12 as replacement for PA12!

Advantage overview:

  • good wear resistance
  • good resistance to hydrolysis
  • high elongation at break
  • excellent resilience

The combination of PAS-PK12 properties is unique. The toughness of freshly moulded material (elongation at yield) is over 30 percent and elongation at break is above the 350% mark, while higher resilience is also more significant than for POM or PA12, for example. Material notch impact strength is remarkable across a wide temperature range.

Rigidity (tensile modulus of elasticity) is around 1500 MPa, which is roughly identical to rigidity figures for PA12. Another good property is water absorption which is (23°C / 50% RF) below 0.5%. Chemical resistance can also be regarded as an advantage compared with PA12 since PAS-PK12 is resistant to mild acids which can decompose long-chain polyamides such as PA12. Only slight surface discoloration is observable after it is stored for 25 days in 30 percent sulfuric acid or 10 percent hydrochloric acid. There is hardly any change to the mechanical properties (e.g.: elongation at break >300%).

Creep is normally a difficult subject in the plastics sector. A combination of fiber glass and highly resilient PAS-PK12 results in an extremely low creep tendency which is below that of conditioned PA66 at 60°C. Accordingly, highly stressed components which are extremely resistant to chemicals can be produced with a significantly lower creep tendency than comparable polymers.

Tribological properties, especially with identical pairings (PAS-PK12 with PAS-PK12) indicate that the polymer has the lowest wear of all the plastics tested. PAS-PK12 is therefore an alternative to POM or PA66 gearwheel materials currently in use. This can also be used for linear sliding components in a chemical environment or where increased toughness is required.

The faigle Group offers polyketone (PK) in variants such as injection molding, milled finished part and semi-finished part in the form of plates and rods.