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Everything from hanging straps to bogies

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Tribology: Plastic replaces metal

Discover the potential of technical plastics. Due to their tribological properties – the slip and friction capability on various mating surfaces – technical plastics can replace steel. For over 40 years, faigle has been the specialist for slide promotion plastics and the design of slide bearings. We have developed our own special materials for low friction, extremely high wear strength and impact strength. These materials have been in successful use in the railway industry for many decades and are constantly being improved.

There is an increased tendency in the railway sector to replace metal components by technical plastics. Although steel initially inspires confidence, the advantages of plastic only become apparent in use: lightweight parts are easy to store, transport and install.

Plastic for slide bearers, bogies and brake linkages

Despite their easy handling, technical plastics from faigle demonstrate their hardness and resistance in operation. They are mainly used in applications where parts are subjected to heavy stresses, for example in slide bearers and sliding plates to position bogies in passenger and freight wagons or in coupling hook guides. Bearing bushes for brake linkages are also increasingly made from technical plastics. In track construction, technical plastics are used to support switch point blades.

For example, the material used to manufacture brake linkage bushes is a self-lubricated polyamide which we designate as PAS-80X. The specialists at faigle achieved some notable improvements by adding a special dry lubricant. Compared to steel, technical plastics have a multitude of decisive advantages and offer enormous potential for savings in many areas of application:

  • self-lubricated
  • high impact strength
  • resistant to abrasion
  • sliding friction coefficient
  • weight savings and noise reduction

Hanging straps from faigle: safety always ready to hand

The faigle portfolio for plastic hanging straps is well-known for its wide diversity and large choice of shapes and individual colours. They offer public transport operators constant high quality and a variety of design options in bus and rail vehicle interiors. On request, faigle will present its solutions for antimicrobial equipment.

Due to its ergonomic shape, IGOSTRAP, the basic model, offers a safe hold in the standing areas of buses and rail cars. The clamp fastening on the gripAd model is designed as an advertising area, making it an eye-catcher in the vehicle interior. The topAdstrap hanging strap is fixed permanently to the grab bar to prevent it from moving or twisting. It can be supplied with or without advertising window and, if required, can also be retrofitted with an advertising space. The varioSTRAP, the modern stirrup shape from faigle, is a modern alternative to the loop. The material mix is special: the strap consists of a textile fabric and is provided with a special surface texture. In future, other strap materials will be available, such as leather.