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Facts and figures

faigle group

Head office:

faigle Kunststoffe GmbH, Landstrasse 31, A-6971 Hard
CEO: Wolfgang Faigle, Roland Bartenbach

Sister companies:

faigle Industrieplast GmbH, Grafenweg 31, A-6971 Hard / A
faigle Igoplast AG, Werkstrasse 11, CH-9434 Au /SG, CH
Suzhou faigle Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd, Suzhou, Shanghai
Maislinger Handels GmbH, Hannakstr. 13, A-5023 Salzburg

Business activity:

Moulded parts for tribologically and dynamically highly stressed products and solutions made of thermoplastic plastics; components made using combined manufacturing techniques (injection moulding, extrusion, machining); market leader for "rollers in the field of escalators" Recognised manufacturer of thermoplastic composites (IGOREX®) Plastic semifinished products 1st cut service®

Founded: 65 years ago
Employees: 387 (group)
Turnover (2015): EUR 69,80 million
Export share : 72 %
Markets: Europe, Asia, USA, worldwide as an OEM partner